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A musical creation that demystifies synth music by visualizing the process. Synthesizers don’t have to be intimidating. Start simple, then just follow your curiosity.

Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast

A lovingly-crafted podcast that tells the stories behind the world’s recognizable and interesting sounds. They’ve made episodes on everything from the creation of Netflix’s "Ta-dum" sonic logo, to the mystery of the default TikTok voice, to how the dragon sounds in Game of Thrones were inspired by heartbreak. 

Narrated by the show’s host Dallas Taylor, Welcome to Synth is an introduction to the creative possibilities of synthesizers. Along with this project, they recently released an episode about the “synth war” between legendary synth makers Bob Moog and Don Buchla, and how they approached these devices in wildly different ways. To hear it, along with many more thought-provoking sound stories, subscribe to Twenty Thousand Hertz in your favorite podcast app.

Curious? Start simple.

Synths are technical musical instruments and based on appearances, synths can be intimidating. But a deep and precise understanding of them isn't required to make sound.  As a beginner, it's all about discovery, play and the thrill of turning a knob and discovering something new.

There’s a wide community of musicians, educators, and businesses eager to bring new people into the hobby. We’ve compiled a list with some of our favorite resources to help get you started.


Create your own soundtrack.

Create your own soundtrack. The range of sounds produced by synthesizers is vast depending on the instrument and the performer. In this spirit, we are making a series of visual loops available to the public to create their own, bitesize “Welcome to Synth” soundtracks.

All video content is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. If you share on social media, please tag @thefurrow, @sanctus.audio, @defactosound and #welcometosynth so we can hear your creation!

“Partnering on this film was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”

I came to The Furrow with a densely technical concept, to explain how a synthesizer works. Together we broke down how to communicate the content succinctly and beautifully by marrying my soundtrack with their design and animation.

The process of creating Welcome to Synth was deeply collaborative, allowing the visuals and sounds to influence one another while creating a piece that despite its complexity, flows so smoothly it feels effortless.

- Wesley Slover, Sanctus

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We build a synthesizer as we progress through the story.

The goal was to capture the complexity of synth music by layering visual effects and techniques.


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