We worked together with 30+ creatives from around the world to create a series of videos to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing healthy ways to live and raise awareness.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were moments of fear, concern, and uncertainty resulting in anxiety, fear, and helplessness. We wanted to use our talent to create messaging around positive, factual, visual engaging content to help raise awareness on ways to stay safe. We believe that taking action is a positive solution to conquering these negative emotions.

In building the brief, we chose to create a framework around clear facts and positive messaging. Our focus was broken out into two categories: guidance and facts. From there, we cross-referenced and confirmed information from resources, such as the CDC and WHO.

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Thanks to all of the incredibly talented creatives who donated time and energy to make this happen.




Alex Deaton

Allen Laseter

Christina Young

David Pocull

Emily Suvanvej

Erica Gorochow

Haewon Shin

Lorena G

Marco Cheatham

Paul O'Connor

Tom Redfern


Doug Alberts

Jardeson Rocha

Jerry Liu

Jose "JP" Pena

Justin Lemmon

Maks Fede

Manuel Neto

Marco van der Vlag

Nol Honig

Piotr Wojtczak

Romain Loubersanes

Steve Savalle

Thiago Steka


Design & Animation


Ordinary Folk

The Furrow

Music & Sound Design


Creative Director

Seth Eckert


Janet Tousseau

Special Thanks

Kyle Martinez

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